General Dentistry

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth - General Dentistry

White fillings are very routinely placed in our office. Silver fillings are also offered and are very serviceable, long lasting and at a lower cost.
Cleanings (Scaling & Polishing)
Our dental hygienists provide cleanings, offering oral hygiene instructions as well. They also provide nutritional counselling as pertains to dentistry, as well as smoking cessation where indicated.
Kids' Fillings
In our office we offer kids' cleanings and fillings. It is very important to bring your child to the dentist starting as early as 1 year old. Your child's first check-up is free prior to 3 years old. Children watch movies during their dental appointments to help them ease into the appointment.
We make full and partial dentures in our office. We also commonly use implants to help hold our dentures in place. This is extremely popular with our patients as they do not have the problem of their dentures being loose, rocking or falling out of their mouth.
Root Canals
Root canals may be necessary for a number of reasons including decay, trauma, and retention. Usually the nerves of the teeth have been affected to a point where they must be removed.
Tooth Extractions
Tooth extractions are often done in the comfort of our own office. Wisdom teeth and also non-restorable teeth are routinely extracted and then followed up. A consult will always first be necessary to ensure you are a suitable candidate.